Limestone Analytics is a small and growing firm providing analytical services across the life-cycle of development projects and social programs.

At Limestone Analytics, we strive to help clients

Identify the best opportunities to invest in;
Achieve the desired social impact;
Ensure financial, social, and environmental sustainability;
Design efficient forms of partnerships; and
Collect evidence on, and learn from, the effectiveness of interventions.

To achieve this, we provide a range of analytical advisory and capacity building services for identification, design, financing, implementation, and evaluation for social and infrastructure policies and projects.

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Youth Training Program: 13.740521, -89.152863
Energy Reform in Haiti: 19.251299, -72.294701
Girls’ Education in Zimbabwe: -19.000000, 29.750000
Neonatal Care in Cameroon: 4.042970, 9.706200
Youth Training Program: 15.498100, -88.001900
Environment Conservation in Haiti: 18.193310, -73.746010
Financial Inclusion for SGBs: 7.622919, 80.688220
Maternal Health in Pakistan: 24.866800, 67.031100
Maternal Health in Bangladesh: 24.899100, 91.868800
Maternal Health in India: 28.651700, 77.221900
Environment Remediation in Vietnam: 16.068000, 108.212000