Neonatal Care

Year: 2017
Duration: TBD

The Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is an established intervention for saving and caring for infants by administering continuous skin-to-skin contact, frequent and exclusive (or near-exclusive) breastfeeding, and early discharge from hospital. After a successful pilot run in Cameroon implemented jointly by KMC Colombia and KMC Cameroon, evidence has shown that the intervention can significantly reduce infant mortality.

Limestone Analytics is hired by an investor who is interested in joining a Development Impact Bond (DIB) financing mechanism designed to scale up this pilot from a single hospital to about 20 hospitals in 4 to 5 regions. To effectively advise the client, Limestone Analytics is currently conducting the following analysis:

  • Socio-economic feasibility study
  • Spatial analysis
  • Financial sustainability analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Contract design and transaction advisory
  • Assessment of the monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Assessment of the performance management plan

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