Youth Training Program

Year: 2016 – 2017
Duration: 3 years

In El Salvador and Honduras, several factors have led to high youth unemployment and school drop-out rates. The main issue is the prevalence of gangs and organized crime in many communities. These groups extort local businesses and are active in the drug trade. This, among other factors, has led to deteriorating economic conditions in many sectors. Consequently, many heads of the household must seek work abroad. This leaves youths without proper parental care and guidance. They are thus at risk of dropping out of school and being recruited by gangs. This vicious cycle has led to the deterioration of youth employment rates and education levels in El Salvador and Honduras.

The goal of the Youth Ready program is to help break this cycle by training at risk youth so that they can improve their livelihood and employability skills. Partnerships will be formed with the government, organizations, companies and universities to promote a range of external opportunities for youth.

Limestone Analytics Inc. has been working with the implementation team to assess the social impact of the pilot and to help the program grow if successful. This involves:

  • The creation of a monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Development of an integrated cost-benefit model
  • Survey design
  • Baseline analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Assessment of the scalability of the intervention
  • Recommendations on impact investing

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