Project: Cultural Tourism in Cairo – Pre Feasibility Study

The purpose of this activity is to provide USAID’s Middle East Bureau and USAID/Egypt with a pre-feasibility analysis of cultural tourism activities in Islamic Cairo, an area with hundreds of mosques, tombs, fortifications, and the Citadel. The study will include economic and financial cost-benefit analysis (CBA) to determine: 1) whether such activities are likely to yield positive net economic and financial benefits, and 2) how economic and financial benefits and costs are likely to be distributed across particular stakeholders such as residents, landowners, business owners, and employees. The study will also assess aspects of the business enabling environment that are likely to impact development prospects along the project site.

Ultimately, the study will provide USAID with insights into both the economic and financial viability of the proposed activity, as well as identify policy and regulatory issues that may impact project implementation.

Photo taken by Limestone Associate Jay Mackinnon during a field visit in June 2019.


Clients / Partners




  • Background research and development of methodology


  • Field visit


  • Analysis and final report