Limestone Analytics provides a range of analytical and transaction advisory services to improve the value obtained from every dollar spent on interventions and ensure their sustainability. These services help address the following questions.

Cost-Effectiveness &
Cost-Benefit Analysis
How to measure impact?
How to maximize impact?
How to minimize costs?
What is the optimal scale?
What is the optimal timing?
Sustainability &
Who are the stakeholders?
How are the stakeholders affected?
What is the optimal financing arrnagment?
Is the design institutionally sustainable?
What are the risks around the project?

Key practice areas

Infrastructure (transport, power, and urban water)
Health and nutrition
Innovative financing (Impact Investing, PBR, RBA, etc.)
Citizen Security
Environment Conservation
Youth Training
Micro-finance and small-growing business financing


Conducting ex-ante feasibility studies of investment projects
Forecasting of the social and environmental impacts of proposed interventions using an integrated model
Risk analysis and assessment of sustainability from alternative perspectives
Analysis of the technical and institutional capacity of partnerships
Advisory and technical assistance in monitoring the implementation of programs for rigorous evaluation
Survey design
Training local personnel and partners in integrated analysis and program monitoring
Midterm and ex-post assessment of interventions
Assessing the options and recommending solutions for packaging interventions under impact investing mechanisms for future implementations

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