Project: 2021 WHO Healthy School Feeding Analysis

In 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) published the Action Framework for Developing and Implementing Public Food Procurement and Service Policies for a Healthy Diet. This action framework provides guidance for governments to provide healthy food through public food procurement and service policy. 

Limestone will work to create guidance for assessing the feasibility and implementing healthy school feeding programs.  The guidance will provide a methodology for estimating the costs and benefits of making school feeding programs healthier and also cost and benefits on  implementing new healthy school feeding programs.

Limestone will be contributing to this space by looking at the impact on undernutrition but also on the impacts to obesity which is becoming an increasingly important issue for governments to address particularly for children. The guidance will also provide policymakers with practical information on political, institutional, and human behavior considerations to implement policies as outlined in WHO’s action framework.

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