Project: Assessment of USAID CBA Guidelines

How should USAID revise the content and use of the current general Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Guidelines and other sectoral and cross-cutting guidance to reflect good practices for cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis across USAID’s key development sectors within the current context?  

The Learning, Evaluation and Analysis Project (Leap III) is seeking answers to the above question.  Limestone is tasked to review USAID’s 2015 Internal Guidelines for CBA and generate recommendations for revisions along with the response to the above question.

Under this project, Limestone will review technical areas such as: selection of discount rates for economic and financial analysis, USG guidance on the social cost of carbon, social cost of premature mortality, valuation of biodiversity and other ecosystem service values, and linkages to other sectoral and cross-cutting guidance. 

Limestone will also advice on technical areas where the guidance can be improved, and comment on the institutional considerations such as alternative approaches to internally and externally formalizing guidelines in USAID’s policies and procedures, and how various upcoming USG regulatory and policy changes might affect the guidelines or their use within USAID or among its partners.

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