Project: Inclusive Wealth and Sustainability Frameworks

Developing a framework for incorporating the value of natural capital assets and ecosystem services into economic analysis has become increasingly important as governments and international development institutions aim to position themselves to manage the growing range of environmental impacts triggered by climate uncertainty. Whether a project directly involves the management or utilization of renewable (e.g., fishery or forestry) or non-renewable (e.g., mining) natural resources, Limestone Analytics helps clients quantify the natural capital impacts of projects through a range of diverse services built on experience and technical capabilities.

This assignment supports the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in determining if natural capital approaches can be feasibly applied within the timeline when MCC conducts cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) during the design stage of its interventions. MCC conducts multiple cost-benefit analyses before, during, and after implementing its investments, adhering to some of the highest accountability measures and evidence-based decision-making in international development. Limestone will assist MCC in navigating this space and build capacity to apply the analysis within its CBAs.

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