Project: MCC GSI Early Analysis Guidance Development

The first technical directive issued under the MCC Gender & Social Inclusion (GSI) BPA Early Analysis Call Order focuses on drafting, refining, and right-sizing a guidance document for MCC’s GSI team to support their work during MCC’s constraints analysis (CA). The aim is not to replace the existing CA guidance but rather to refine and enhance methods for GSI to better coordinate with the CA process. Limestone is completing this work along with their consortium partners, Social Development Direct and Causal Design

The consortium began this work with a Scoping Workshop with MCC’s GSI and Economic Analysis (EA) teams to reflect upon MCC’s approaches for embedding GSI in early analysis to date, share lessons learned, and clarify the scope and direction of the future guidance. This Workshop provided the overall framing for the guidance development process. 

Following the Workshop, the consortium conducted a desk review of existing tools for embedding GSI into CA and will now conduct consultations through key informant interviews and focus group discussions with MCC staff to further inform the guidance development. Once drafted and reviewed, the consortium will host a short online training on the new guidance document before its deployment in 2022.

Clients / Partners



Inception Phase
  • Scoping Workshop


Assessment of Tools Memo


Guidance Formulation and Drafting


Review of Guidance Document
  • Training on Guidance Document