Project: USAID CBA/CEA Course in Mali

In October 2018, Limestone participated in the development and delivery of a USAID program on cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness in Mali. This was a joint USAID – Limestone effort; the course was co-taught by a CBA expert from USAID and Kristen Schubert from Limestone. Kristen is a lecturer at the CPIA program at Queen’s and has lectured in more than 16 training programs for USAID and Georgetown University.

The course in Mali was delivered to 30 students at the USAID/Mali mission. The course included lectures, applied Excel work, reviews of real CBAs from previous projects, and class discussions on how to use these tools for decision-making and project/activity design. The course covered general topics on CBA and had a two-day module that focused primarily on the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) of health projects. Limestone developed a CEA case study of a health project to give students an opportunity to apply skills learned in the course and discuss the relevance of its findings for development practitioners.

This activity was performed under LEAP III, in partnership with Integra as the primary contractor to USAID.


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