Bahman Kashi

Founder & President

Bahman Kashi is the founder of Limestone Analytics and the director of the CPIA program at Queen’s University. Before Limestone, he worked for eight years as a consultant in the areas of public investment management, economic analysis of development projects, and evaluation of social programs.

The industry recognizes him for having a broad knowledge of tools and techniques for financial and social analysis, having produced professional reports and peer-reviewed academic article in the areas of energy access, health, nutrition, education, gender, citizen security, transport, and ecosystem service valuation. In 2018, he received the distinguished scholar award from the National Association of Regulatory Commissions for his work on the social impacts of energy reforms in Haiti.

Bahman has worked on capacity building and technical advisory projects for the World Bank, USAID, Inter-American Development Bank, Millenium Challenge Corporation, and World Vision. He is currently an independent cost-benefit analysis expert for USAID, Millenium Challenge Corporation, and World Vision, and has been the lead author for USAID’s guidelines for the integration of gender and ecosystem valuation into economic analysis.

His experience covers Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, United States, Cyprus, and Switzerland. His research interests include institutional aspects of evidence-based decision-making, integration of environmental and social impacts into cost-benefit analysis, performance management, and learning.


  • PhD in Economics – Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
  • MS in Information Systems – Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
  • BS in Management – University of Economic Affairs, Iran

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