Project: Evaluation-Based CBA of WASH in El Salvador

The analysis conducted under this project is part of a broader Evaluation-Based CBA consultancy with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).  

For this activity, Limestone was tasked with reviewing the Closeout CBA and evaluation of MCC’s El Salvador Community Services Water & Sanitation Sub-activity (2007 – 2012), and advising MCC on the possibility and utility of updating the CBA to reflect new findings from the evaluation. 

MCC’s interventions were designed to provide piped water or public taps to households without such service, latrines to participants without improved sanitation, technical assistance for system maintenance, and education on health and sanitation practices. The desired outcomes were to increase the quantity and quality of water available for consumption, reduce the time and cost spent seeking/purchasing water, and avert water-related illnesses for the poorest inhabitants in El Salvador’s Northern Zone. 

Limestone reviewed the Closeout CBA (conducted by MCC) and the independent impact evaluation (conducted by the University of Maryland) and completed an Evaluation-Based CBA design report recommending conducting an Evaluation-Based CBA.

The ECBA and accompanying Evaluation-Based CBA Final Report (ECFR) is in progress.

Clients / Partners



  • Completion of Evaluation-Based CBA design report


  • Completion of draft Evaluation-Based CBA model and report
  • Completion of finalized Evaluation-Based CBA and Evaluation-Based CBA Final Report (ECFR)