Limestone Analytics (Limestone) is a consulting firm providing rigorous analytical services across all stages of international development projects, social programs, and public policies.

Limestone is recognized for its academically rigorous and yet practical solutions for identifying, designing, financing, monitoring, and evaluating programs and policies in a range of sectors including:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Education
  • Financial inclusion (saving groups, microfinance, SGB finance)
  • Energy
  • Crime prevention
  • Environment conservation and remediation
  • Transport and rural access

The firm and its principals have successfully completed assignments for governments and large NGOs around the world, including USAID, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), World Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank.

In addition to providing technical and capacity building services, Limestone has been at the forefront of improving and advancing model specification techniques through the development of “Unified Cost-Benefit Analysis (UCBA)” guidelines. UCBA is a set of model specification guidelines designed to improve the flexibility and reusability of models, enable model building by a team, and avoid common modelling errors. The development of UCBA was made possible through the support from QUIP (Queen’s University Industry Partnership).

Our offices are located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the home of Queen’s University, and Washington DC. Limestone maintains a strong relationship with the Queen’s Economics Department; this helps us to source subject area experts and talented interns to ensure all work conducted by Limestone is academically sound.

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Limestone Analytics is always looking for outstanding individuals committed to increasing the use of economic analysis and evidence to improve decision-making. If you are interested in being part of the Limestone Team, please contact us and include a brief summary of your skills and experience.