Project: Financing Disability-Inclusive Education

Financing disability-inclusive education is at the intersection of two thematic priorities for USAID: equity, inclusion and sustainability. Limestone Analytics through a desk review, in-depth consultations with partner country governments, implementing partners and multilateral organizations currently working in this space and stakeholder ideation, aims to: 

  • Orient USAID to the current state of play of disability-inclusive education finance (who is doing what, where, when and with what goals/objectives);
  • Describe the primary challenges and promising strategies for financing disability-inclusive education; and
  • Identify how USAID can contribute to this workstream and advance inclusive education through education finance in the future through various entry points including programming, global convening/global leadership, developing research agendas, thought leadership, and supporting policy, among others. 

The assessment by Limestone will examine public (i.e., domestic government and bilateral and multilateral assistance) and private (i.e., individuals, households, commercial, philanthropic) finance – however, the primary focus will remain towards public finance as this is generally the largest source of education finance and therefore, a key lever of influence. The research will be summarized in a public-facing White Paper.

Clients / Partners




Develop the Work Plan


Conduct Desk Review


  • Host key informant interviews and focus group discussions
  • Host pause and reflect session with USAID


Draft White Paper