Project: MCC Green Prosperity in Indonesia

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) funded the Green Prosperity Project to help Indonesia in achieving increased agricultural productivity and improve land use practices and management of natural resources while reducing its reliance on fossil fuel and reduce land-based greenhouse gas emissions.

Limestone is hired to conduct an ex-post cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for two activities under this project:

  • Commercial on-grid renewable energy
  • Peatland restoration and management

These CBAs are notable for the following reasons:

  • Limestone is partnering with MCC in piloting a new approach, referred to by “evaluation-based CBA,” where the evaluation and CBA are integrated to complement each other
  • A significant share of the benefits (or costs) in these activities link to the ecosystem and climate change
  • The project took the shape of a grant facility, instead of direct investment, and
  • The ex-post CBA will be compared to the ex-ante CBA to identify relevant differences, if any

Limestone works with Integra (the prime contractor) for the implementation of this evaluation-based CBA.

Clients / Partners




  • Evaluation design


  • Data collection and field visits


  • Draft final report