Project: Appraisal of Nutrition International Monitoring and Evaluation System

In 2019, Nutrition International (NI) completed the inception of its new five-year strategic plan. To facilitate the implementation of this plan, NI is in the process of reviewing and strengthening its Program Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) system to better align with this new plan and NI’s growth trajectory. This includes: conducting a critical appraisal of the MEAL system, developing a strategy to strengthen the MEAL system, and supporting the implementation of this strategy. Limestone was hired to conduct a critical appraisal of NI’s MEAL system, which included:

  • Conducting a scoping workshop to understand perspectives on NI’s MEAL system 
  • Conducting a document review, hosting key informant interviews with stakeholders across the organization, and developing and deploying a survey for NI staff
  • Conducting a critical appraisal, including mapping the system against the World Bank M&E framework
  • Hosting a visioning workshop and co-creating a vision statement and roadmap for MEAL strengthening 
  • Presenting findings to the Project Board

Since the completion of this appraisal, the findings have been used to inform and update NI’s strategic planning and processes.

Clients / Partners




  • Scoping workshop
  • Inception plan
  • Critical appraisal report, powerpoint, and findings brief


  • Visioning workshop
  • Visioning brief
  • Roadmapping brief
  • Presentation to Project Board