Project: Constraints to Inclusive Growth Analysis: Pilot

The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Gender and Social Inclusion Unit (GSI) commissioned the development of a consolidated guidance document for GSI’s technical role in MCC’s constraints analysis (CA). The purpose of the guidance was to clarify the most relevant analytical tools for MCC’s CA, identify the most salient takeaways for the compact team, reduce duplication and redundancy, and encourage GSI’s integration throughout the CA. The first version of this document, the “Constraints to Inclusive Growth Analysis (CIGA)”, was completed in December 2021. 

The purpose of this technical directive is to pilot and refine the CIGA guidance in the context of MCC’s new country selects, Belize and Zambia.

Lessons from the pilot will be integrated into an updated guidance document. A short training will be offered following the pilot to support the application of the CIGA guidance for future constraint analyses in newly selected countries.

Clients / Partners




Context Analysis for Belize


Constraint Identification and Prioritization for Belize
  • Context Analysis for Zambia


Constraint Identification and Prioritization for Zambia
  • Root Cause Analysis for Belize and Zambia


Refine the CIGA
  • Training on the updated CIGA